Wurundjeri Sorry Song – Robbie Greig

Robbie Greig

Local musician and NRG member, Robbie Greig, has written and recorded his own composition titled ‘Wurundjeri Sorry Song’.  You can listen to a sample of the song or read the lyrics.  If you would like to order a copy of the CD from Robbie for $10.00, he will donate $5.00 back to the NRG.

Robbie won 2nd prize in the 2000 Australian Songwriter’s Association’s Annual National Songwriters’ Awards in the acoustic category for his song ‘Al Saunders’ Garage’.   The song is a tribute to the historic Saunders’ Garage in Hurstbridge and is the centrepiece of Robbie’s 1998 CD, ‘Authentic’.

You can contact Robbie at www.robbiegreig.com

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