Moor-rul Grasslands

Moor-rul Reconciliation Grasslands


Moor-rul grasses

The Moor-rul Grasslands were established in 2009 by the Nillumbik Reconciliation Group to regenerate a typical native grassland on a small area of basalt soil. It is one of two remaining grassland areas in the Shire of Nillumbik. The Grasslands are located next to the Kangaroo Ground War Memorial Tower and adjacent to the Kangaroo Ground lookout.

Grasslands provided an important source of food for local Wurundjeri clans.

  • Grasses such as kangaroo grass themeda, wallaby grass danthonia and microlena were grazed by kangaroos, an easy target for hunters.
  • Tubers from yam daisy Micrcoseries lanceolata, chocolate lilies Dichopogon strictus and orchids provided starchy paste and breads.
  • Frogs, lizards and small marsupials were found among the grasses and small plants.
  • Dry grass was used to draft-proof willams (shelters).
  • Lomandra  provided material for weaving baskets and carry bags.  

Early rehabilitation included the erection of a rabbit proof fence to prevent rabbits from eating new growth and allowing seed to germinate.

The regeneration is achieved by removal of weeds which allows the native grasses and forbs to seed, and by planting appropriate species amongst the grasses. Traditional mosaic burning is also utilised to reduce weeds and encourage fresh indigenous growth.


The Friends of Moor-rul Grasslands, part of the Nillumbik Reconciliation Group, was formed to coordinate the regeneration as a memorial to the people who used this land for hunting in former times.

Grasslands maintenance also has the support of Nillumbik Shire’s Environmental Works Department.

Regular working bees, involving light weeding and planting, take place on the first Sunday of each month from 10:00 to 11:30am.

For further information please contact the Friends Group Convenor, Jann Darvill, on 0419 393 758
or NRG President, Jan Aitken, on 0407 682 177

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