Truth Telling Summary


Thanks to the people of the Do Justice Group and Nillumbik Reconciliation Group who planned this event and had to deal with various last minute changes. It was a most informative succession and we received compliments from various people who attended who were not aware of  the last minutes changes we had to make.  
Thanks too, to the St. Margaret’s Catering team who put on a splendid afternoon tea. The following report was made by Jan Aitken President of the Nillumbik Reconciliation Group.

                                                                                                                    Diana Warrell  

As we met messages came in from our three speakers. Covid
had struck them and not one of them could come. Uncle Colin Hunter
arrived and gave us a Wurundjeri Welcome with some extra thoughts on
Treaty and Truth. Katrina North from Amnesty stood in for our Indigenous
speaker Cassandra Seery. Katrina told us about Amnesty International’s
work towards changing the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 14,
the Internationally agreed age. We were most fortunate to have attending
the Aboriginal Engagement Officer for First Peoples’ Assembly, Jhdara.
He is a young, competent, articulate man who spoke very clearly and
quietly about the Assembly, the Yoor-ruk Justice Commission and the
importance of the Treaty for Victorian Aboriginal communities and for
all the people in Victoria. He explained that there would be a Treaty
which dealt with shared issues and responsibilities and the opportunity
for the various Traditional Owner groups to make their own treaty on
matters of concern to them. Following a Q and A session we gathered for
more discussion over afternoon tea. While the event was not exactly what
was planned we all felt satisfied that we had had an informative and
inspiring time with Uncle Colin, Jhdara and Katrina.

Katrina North
Katrina North
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