Friends of Eltham North Playground

Congratulations to the Friends of Eltham North Playground  on their successful  Pick my Project application. They received over 800 votes.   They are planning to use the money to create a Wurundjeri seasons and welcome to country walk to complement the playground. They invited the NRG to join them on this venture.

Friends of Eltham North Adventure Playground

Background to Friends of Eltham North Adventure Playground:

Isobel Nalato founded the group on the 20th December last year – just 4 days after the playground was destroyed by arson.

It has consumed so many of her hours for the past 7 months:

* Posting on Facebook.

* Lobbying and liaising with Council Officers and Councillors.

* Signing up friends like Fiona Radici who has been her trusted Administrator and Committee member since 21st December – and who became a Co-Convenor in late August).

* Building the group up to its 600+ members today.

In April  Natalie Duffy and Simone Cusack  (met through our Save Community Reserves campaign) became  Co-Convenors a few weeks ago. Lauri Widdup, has been a Committee member for a few months and was made Co-Convenor with the other ladies on 24 August.

There is one other Administrator, and fellow multi-mum, Clare Stirling, who has been there in the background since February.

“To have spent hours working with Natalie on the Pick-My-Project submission wording, and compiling the photo montage, was a highlight that truly paid off this week with the announcement of our success.”  Isobel Nalato

Our photo session today made it all the more real.

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