Connecting to Country

Connecting to Country is a program that has been

developed for schools in Nillumbik to assist teachers

in offering required units of Aboriginal study identified

in the Victorian Curriculum.

Presenter and Facilitator

Wurundjeri Educator – Brooke Wandin

Brooke is a Wurundjeri woman who has grown up

on country in Healesville, Victoria.

Brooke has experience in providing Wurundjeri

cultural education from pre-school up to tertiary

level. She sees the importance in providing an

authentic experience for all to better understand the

deep rich culture and history of Wurundjeri land.

Core Themes of Connecting to Country

  • Encourages an awareness of and

respect for cultural diversity within the


  • Provides opportunities for engaging at a

local level with Aboriginal practices and

traditions as taught by a Wurundjeri


  • Supports learning by connecting to the

physical environment of the local historic

Indigenous land

Contact Details and

Program Enquiries:

Please send an email enquiry via the Contact page 

Nillumbik Reconciliation Group