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Invasion Day 2019
A record number of estimated 80,000 people joined the annual Invasion Day rally this year. This is a higher turn out than any of the previous marches. Well done Victoria!

Around the country many more protestors showed support for First Peoples, and turned out to commemorate the injustices done throughout history and continuing today. Read more about it here.

A growing number of people are using the day to commemorate First Peoples who have fought for the rights of future generations and those who have suffered, as truth telling of our colonial history becomes more wide spread. January 26 is a chance to reflect and look towards a more respectful, informed and inclusive future.

ANTaR Victoria had a busy day at the Balit Nurran (Share the Spirit) Festival in Treasury Gardens afterwards. As always, it was an honor to be a part of the event and hold valuable discussions with First Peoples and allies. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, and of course to all our hardworking volunteers who made it happen on the day.

The International Year of Indigenous Languages
The United Nations has declared 2019 the Year of Indigenous Languages in order to preserve, revitalise and promote them. Languages are coexistant with the ongoing revitalisation and preservation of Indigenous culture. They are also vital for the empowerment and national embrace of First Nations. Find out more about Australia’s First Languages here.

National Apology anniversary
On 13th February, it will be 10 years since the former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made a public apology to our First Peoples. While this was a historic moment in our history, it has done little to make reparations to Stolen generations and provide justice for First Peoples. Here are 10 things you should know about the National Apology.

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