Antar Newsletter Nov 2017

It has been 20 years since thousands of colourful hands were displayed across parliament lawn as a symbolic representation of community support for reconciliation. This was the beginning of ANTaR.In November 2017 all state and national ANTaR bodies will again be uniting in Canberra to stage a Sea of Hands installation. This is a chance to reflect on what has been achieved, and what is happening in parliament at the moment.

This month the Turnbull government announced its rejection of an Indigenous governing body, despite being a major recommendation from the Referendum Council. This has caused outrage as, yet again, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are not being acknowledged but largely unheard by the Federal Government. This was discussed heatedly over the weekend at ANTaR Victoria and Reconciliation Victoria’s joint AGM, serving as a reminder for all that we must keep raising awareness on the importance of Indigenous self determination.

We must remember that this is not the end. We can all continue our efforts of supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights. There are many events to be involved with over the next months and conversations to be encouraged around the importance of a strong Indigenous voice leading decisions influencing outcomes and respect for Indigenous Australia.

ANTaR Victoria and Reconciliation Victoria AGM
Over the weekend, ANTaR Victoria and Reconciliation Victoria held our AGM.  The government’s decision to ignore reject the proposed Indigenous governance was a topic of much talk on continuing the fight for Indigenous voices to be heard in politics and other spheres.  The event was attended by over 50 people from 15 Local Reconciliation Groups across Victoria. Guest speakers included Jacob Boehme, Vicki Clark, Melissa Brickell, Sue D’Amico. Wurundjeri Elder, Ron Jones, gave a warm Welcome to Country.

Make your Story~ Identity & Wellbeing Workshop
13th November 6:30pm- 8:00pm
Unit 2, 88-96 Western Avenue, Westmeadows, Victoria 3049
Established by Mandi- a Koori woman artist, Biyala Dreaming’s Make Your Story workshop is a chance for you to have some time out without any distractions. Tap into your inner self and uncover your own unique cultural identity through a variety of activities and discussion time, which includes visual meditation Symbol Stones and Sand Art/Play.
You can register here.

Traditional and Contemporary Games Workshop
16th November 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
FKA Children’s Services, 42 Dight Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066
This Professional Development workshop explores contemporary versions of traditional games, such as Marngrook which has inspired AFL, in a hands-on way.
Tickets available here.

Ask Izzy for Aboriginal Communities Lunch and Celebration
22nd November 12:00pm-2:00pm
1A Badger Creek Road, Healesville, VIC 3777
You’re invited to our community lunch and celebration of the Ask Izzy for Aboriginal Communities project, funded by the Victorian Government. Come along to find out how Ask Izzy can help you or others in the community to connect to housing, meals, health and wellbeing services and much more. New visual designs and enhancements for Ask Izzy that have been developed in collaboration with the community will be showcased!
Lunch and an Ask Izzy Resource Pack will be provided. All welcome!
Register here.

Commemorating 20 years of the Sea of Hands
27th November
Parliament House Canberra
We’re heading to Canberra, as we did 20 years ago this month, and we need your help. There were two events that marked the start of ANTaR 20 years ago. On 12th October 1997, 50 volunteers planted 50,000 hands in the colours of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags right out the front of our nation’s Parliament. On the 25th November we were back again, this time with 500 volunteers who planted 100,000 in the same place. At the time they were the largest public art displays for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights and reconciliation the nation had seen. Both were landmark events that started the Sea of Hands movement in support of First Peoples. ANTaR and our Sea of Hands movement has  been standing with First Peoples ever since. It’s time to take the hands back to Canberra, this time to stand for stopping the crisis of imprisoning Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children across the country.
You can support and donate here.

Walking Gertrude: Street Tour
Hosted by MAYSAR- Melbourne Aboriginal Youth, Sport & Recreation Co-operative

27th November at 10:00 am- 1:00pm.
Gertrude Street Fitzroy, VIC 3065
MAYSAR presents a unique cultural experience of the historical Gertrude Street strip that was once a hub of activity and service provision for Melbourne’s Aboriginal community. Those attending the walking tour will learn about the Aboriginal communities’ historical connection to the famous street.
Register here.

Tarkine Forest Terrarium Workshop
Hosted by PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT and Bob Brown foundation

29th  November at 18.30-21.30
1/177 Beavers Road, Northcote, Victoria, Australia 3070
The Bob Brown Foundation will be hosting this workshop where you can learn how to make terrariums just like miniature versions of Tasmania’s Tarkine rainforest, a World Heritage Area in waiting. All materials are provided and the evening is catered.Funds raised will spread awareness about the need to protect the Tarkine from rainforest logging and off-road vehicles on Australia’s richest Aboriginal coastline.
You can find more information or buy tickets here.

IADV Cultural Competency Workshop Dec 2017
Hosted by Indigenous Architecture & Design Victoria

4th December- 10:00am-4:00pm
The workshop will include overview seasons on the following topics: pastgovernment policies that have affected Aboriginal people, and how these still affect people today, understanding what is “Indigenous Architecture and statistics affecting Aboriginal people today, just to name a few.The content is delivered in a variety of different methods, including creative and interactive activities, reflective group discussions and multi-media presentations.
Buy tickets here.

The Canoe Project, Stories from the Collection
Hosted by the Korrie Heritage Trust collection

14th October – 28th February 2018
Koorie Heritage Trust Canoe Table, Level 3, Yarra Building, Federation Square, Melbourne.
This collection display has been established in partnership with The ARC Centre Of Excellence For The History Of Emotions at the University of Melbourne (, to share the historical, cultural and social significance of Victorian Aboriginal community members’ collection items in their lives, their practice and their community.
Find out more here.

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