Wurundjeri Sorry Song

by Robbie Greig.

Walking down a forest trail among the hills of fire
I hear the echo of a clap stick on the wind
An eaglehawk flies overhead and drops a golden feather
And I am but a stranger in this ancient land.

William Barak, Winberrie, I'm dreaming of what could've been
I'm sorry, we're sorry
Mighty Jaga Jaga, tough as nails, you fought your fight to no avail
I'm sorry, we're sorry

Birrarung, River of Mists, your banks were overflowing
Once you were a hunters cornucopia
I sit now on your grassy shore, the place just feels deserted
There's no-one left to share in your utopia

Wurundjeri, Bunurong, so many Kulin people gone
I'm sorry, we're sorry
Genocide in the first degree - too much power, too much greed
I'm sorry, we're sorry

There was a time not long ago when all the earth was breathing
And everything was part of a creation song
Bukker-tillibul, Murrup Brarn and other sacred places
Now everyone just wants a piece to call their own

Nangaween, Billibellary, keepers of the dreamtime stories
I'm sorry, we're sorry
Bunjil kept the order clear, now there's chaos everywhere
I'm sorry, we're sorry

"We all turn to bones, shining white
In this majestic country, all of us
Yet Bunjil, our great father
Still sings on in our hearts . . ."
(Traditional Wurundjeri lament, translated by Mick Woiwood)

Let's climb the hill of golden stones near the place they call Toolangi
Where the lyrebird still carols so outrageously
And if you listen carefully you might catch the faintest traces
Of a distant Wurundjeri corroboree

Eagle star, light our way, what else can a white man say
But sorry, we're sorry
We cast aside a peaceful race, we have to live with this disgrace
I'm sorry, we're sorry

© Copyright Robbie Greig ONE TREE HILL PRODUCTIONS

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